Engineering guarantee

(1) Quality assurance measures
1:My company is engaged in machine tools, new energy equipment, environmental protection machinery equipment design, development, manufacturing, mechanical equipment, mould, jig and machinery parts and components production, processing, refrigerators, freezers at home and abroad mold, household appliances equipment, special machines manufacturing . We have rich experience in design, manufacture, installation and commissioning, and have a professional installation team. Our company has a complete quality assurance system to ensure product quality.

2:The products we provide fully adopt international advanced technology, and the key kits adopt imported original brands or domestic famous brands, so as to ensure high reliability and convenient maintenance.

3:In the process of processing and production, we plan to adopt the following main measures to ensure product quality:
3.1:Material selection: strictly according to the diagram, the bulk of the purchased parts are provided by the designated manufacturer, sent special personnel to inspect to ensure the quality of materials.
3.2:Standard control: strictly implement the relevant approval.
3.3:Supervision: in the process of manufacturing, assembly of parts and installation of equipment, it shall be supervised directly by on-site technicians, and your personnel are welcome to supervise it.
3.4:In terms of bought-in parts and electrical purchasing, domestic components adopt domestic high-quality famous brand, and key electrical components adopt imported brands.

(2) Pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales services
1. After the design is completed, consult the user, and then check the drawings, and then produce according to the drawings.

2. Installation and debugging: provide training to the operation and maintenance personnel of users, including detailed explanation, demonstration and actual operation.

3. After the completion of debugging, make trial operation for one month, our staff will guarantee the operation and guide the operators to operate.

4. After the acceptance, we provide one year free warranty. After the expiration of the warranty, we will continue the warranty. Due to the damage of components caused by improper operation of the user, we will charge an appropriate fee.

5. After we received the user's mold, equipment, special machines failure notification,we will arrive at the site as fast as possible according to the actual distance and troubleshoot quickly.