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Full servo clamp sheet metal line

Molding product specification: meet the requirements of product drawing and processing scope, see the product drawings confirmed by signature. Equipment takt: less than 19s/ sheet (single sheet is cut in three consecutive times by one station); Less than 38s/ sheet (single sheet is cut in less than 6 times in one workstation) Change time: less than 5 minutes Applicable material: cold plate or PCM pre-coated steel plate (Yield strength is required to be stable and consistent.) Panel thickness: 0.48---0.52mm,conduct acceptance according to 0.5mm board. Flow direction of production line: confirmed by both parties. Air capacity:0.5-0.65MPa Water source: industrial tap water Stations:7 Color of line: the buyer specifies China national label color or provide the color board.

  • Kexin
  • less than 5 minutes
  • cold plate or PCM pre-coated steel plate
  • confirmed by both parties
  • 0.5-0.65MPa
  • industrial tap water
  • 7