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Full servo door panel line

  • Kexin
  • 25000*3500*2000mm(L*W*H)
  • L=1600~450mm,W=480mm~720mm
  • cold rolled plate or PCM with film
  • 0.45~0.6mm
  • 15s/pcs
  • belt line or clamp device
  • ~20Kw
  • ~1m³/h
  • ~5m³/h
  • 属性值
Line dimension:25000*3500*2000mm(L*W*H)
Dimension of door shell:L=1600~450mm,W=480mm~720mm
Sheet material:cold rolled plate or PCM with film
Sheet thickness:0.45~0.6mm
Cycle time:15s/pcs
Sheet conveyance mode:belt line or clamp device
Total power:~20Kw
Total air supply:~1m³/h
Industrial water:~5m³/h
This line can be designed and made in accordance with customers' special requirements of processes.