Foaming line
Product Detail
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Ground rail door body foaming line with manual bubbling manipulator

  • Kexin
  • 40
  • 2200*850
  • 2500mm
  • 650±20mm
  • 245mm±0.2
  • M315-P-250 , scraping belt δ10/45Mn
  • 9000mm
  • 10~~12s , curing time is less than 240s
  • 7.5~ 15m/min, stepless speed adjustment
  • 30/10
Pallet size:2200*850
Height of operating table:650±20mm
The pallet fixture closure height:245mm±0.2
Main drive chain model:M315-P-250  , scraping belt δ10/45Mn
Orbital arc diameter:9000mm
Production takt of design:10~~12s   ,    curing time is less than 240s
Linear speed control range:7.5~ 15m/min, stepless speed adjustment
Curing/operation station:30/10
Closing time:≤7s
Upper/lower mold heating:Heating, chiller cooling, fan 11KW. The cooling/heating exchanger is in series.
8 rows *2 sets
Temperature of drying tunnel:75C°±10C°
Heating time:90 minutes     ,  the environment temperature is 5 ℃
Dragging motor:SEW reducer /11KW  , domestic explosion-proof variable frequency motor.
Drive station/chain refueling:The automatic tanker controls the refueling time.