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Robot full servo intelligent automatic line(Suitable for one-stop production of a variety of materials.)

  • Kexin
  • 22000x5500mm
  • 1000±50mm from the ground
  • Not greater than 15S/ piece
  • about 20Kw、380V、50Hz
  • 0.5~0.65Mpa
  • Line color :(color board provided by party a)
  • greater than 99.98%
  • Meet the drawing requirements
  • One-button exchange (no mold change)
  • 属性值
Line body dimensions:22000x5500mm
Working face height:1000±50mm from the ground
Production takt:Not greater than 15S/ piece
Applicable material:Embroider aluminum plate L2Y2,thickness 0.34mm,0.36mm,stainless iron,thickness 0.4mm
The power capacity:about 20Kw、380V、50Hz
Air supply:0.5~0.65Mpa
Color:Line color :(color board provided by party a)
The qualification rate : greater than 99.98%.
Precision:Meet the drawing requirements
Remodel:One-button exchange (no mold change)
Center location production:The feeding material side is the fixed edge.  servo motor