Foaming line
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The ground rail door body foaming line

  • Kexin
  • 30600×7600×4100(approximately)
  • 1500×1000×200(closed height)
  • 30
  • electric heating,fan uniform heating
  • 7.5min
  • 141b,cyclopentane,HFC245fa
  • 45±5centigrade
  • insulation board,thickness 70-75mm
  • 属性值
Equipment shape dimension(L×B×H):30600×7600×4100(approximately)
Jig dimension((L×B×H):1500×1000×200(closed height)
Heating mode:electric heating,fan uniform heating
Curing time:7.5min
Production pace:about 25s(line speed 5m/min)(no including manual aperating time)
Suitable foaming material:141b,cyclopentane,HFC245fa
Drying tunnel temperature:45±5centigrade
Drying tunnel material:insulation board,thickness 70-75mm
PS:We can customize if customers have special technical requirements.